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My Voice is Your Voice


TRIBUTE in response to my beloved husband running for United States Congress 2016. This Tribute is also to the many supporters who have been verbally attacked by some cyberbullies of the 25th Congressional District social media Facebook Group, when you have spoken out showing
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Run “Runner” from the Arroyo Toad!

Star Moffatt for senate in 2016! Star proposes a solution to the water crisis in Palmdale. Together we can make a difference!
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Taxpayer’s Holiday Gift

Taxpayer’s Holiday Gift A taxpayer’s holiday gift come true, a cut in taxes for you the taxpayers in 2016! Now can you even name just one candidate, who is willing to give back 50% of his or her salary, to save taxpayer’s dollars? Well, I can and that candidate is Star Moffatt,
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Moffatt Law Firm & the US Supreme Court – Roe V Wade

              “Roe V. Wade” I am pleased to announce that Moffatt Law Firm – (Law offices of Jeffrey Moffatt), is embarking upon a proud historical moment. We are in the process of making history within the United States Supreme Court, the highest court of our
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$3 Billion Paid Out in Vaccine Injury Cases

$3 Billion Paid Out in Vaccine Injury Cases. …”destroy vaccine-autism study documents” According to Congressman Posey “our government has paid out over      $3 billion through a vaccine injury compensation program for children who have been injured by
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Taxpayer Absurd Sentencing Prevention Act of 2016

Once I have the honor of being elected by the people, as their next State Senator in (2016), I plan to introduce proposed legislation titled – Taxpayer Absurd Sentencing Prevention Act of 2016. The Taxpayer Absurd Sentencing Prevention Act is designed to reduce wasteful spending
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Eliminate State Income Tax

Are our taxes too high? Is it reasonable that states like Texas and Florida ---which compete directly with California for jobs and retirees --- have no income tax? Is it fair that the middle class pay the largest portion of income tax to the state?
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Pledge Your Vote

2016 is coming up fast and we need your vote. Please pledge to vote for Star Moffatt in 2016 and support Star by securing more pledges by sending this page to everyone you know.
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Pledge Your Vote for 2016

Please share this page to all supporters. Thanks.
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