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In the Media

Press Release – Star Moffatt State Senate Candidate and woman business owner of a law firm says the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution should be upheld by the State of California

Moffatt says “Yes, I am Pro-Second Amendment. Also, proven statistics are now showing that gun ownership is actually helping to protect Citizens from crime, because most sheriff and police departments are underfunded, overworked and underpaid. Due to underfunding most sheriff and
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Press Release – California State Senatorial Candidate Star Moffatt proposes Eliminate State Income Tax

Palmdale, CA. December 16, 2014—Are our taxes too high? Is it reasonable that states like Texas and Florida —which compete directly with California for jobs and retirees — have no income tax? Is it fair that the middle class pay the largest portion of income tax
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Sentinel – Three In And Three More Contemplating Race To Replace Knight

Three In And Three More Contemplating Race To Replace Knight Posted on November 29, 2014 by Venturi Knight, who defeated fellow Republican Tony Strickland in the November 4 election, is scheduled to be sworn in as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives on January 6. Knight
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