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“Public Statement” – In the Trenches, Helping Our Community-Christian Missionary

First let me start by saying,  it is time to admit, one of my previous jobs was similar to that of  a combination between a jailer and a Christian Missionary. There were times when individuals whom were court ordered to our program, had to be returned back to the court or
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Stop Imbalance Taxation (SIT) against Businesses

My goal should I have the overwhelming support from the people to be elected as your next State Senator, I will introduce legislation to modify the California Unemployment Insurance Code to “Stop Imbalance Taxation,” (SIT) against “ALL” businesses. Because cost sharing of taxes
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Remove the Barriers for more Women in Politics!

Question presented by Kyoshi Becker: “why [are] so few women running?” Source of question found on AV Letters to the Editor, titled:  Lancaster City Council Debate Sponsored by League of Women Voters AV 3/10/2014, Monday. MY REPLY: This stems from the fact that a lot of political
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Self-Sufficient Society and American’s

Could you imagine in a Self-Sufficient Society, American’s were in “UNITY?” Could you imagine a self-sufficient society, emerging in America, that America was no longer dependent on other countries importing oil to us; rather America would be using resources within her own
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